March 04, 2012

Through Allie's Eyes

There will, of course, be a deluge of birthday posts soon...but we still have family here and those posts take time. But one of the presents the twins got were their very own cameras! I thought I would throw a few of Allie's pictures here ("a few" because she has already taken around 300 pictures, and only Allie's because Ryan is a fan of the delete button and has deleted all of his pictures several times before anyone managed to get them downloaded to a computer. Sad bear.). Enjoy the view from Allie's eyes.

Party decorations

Aunt Mindy
(if you can't tell, she's saying "cheese." Because Allie loves to walk around requesting that people say "cheese" for their pictures. Then she takes your picture and says, "Perfecto.")

Cousin H playing with Allie's new bike.

Mommy saying, "Cheese!"

Ry-guy playing Wii

She saw him playing and said, "Wait! I have to take Buddy's picture!"

Papa being silly.

Mommy showing brother how to use his camera

He has a tendency to turn it backwards and get a dozen adorable pictures of his nose and mouth...that he then deletes!

My favorite: A picture in the mirror of her taking a picture!

She's got a good eye, and she has been spending more and more time framing the exact picture that she wants (sometimes it ends up being odd, like a close up of my eye...). I'm loving having a few more shutterbugs in the house, and it's so fun to see the world through their eyes! I will share pictures from Ryan if I can get to them next time before he deletes them!


Anonymous said...

Way to go Allie!! Very cute! You will be a pro soon :) Luv you..Nana

Anonymous said...

How exciting to take pictures and not have to pay a fortune to have them developed like in the 'old days'!! That's too bad that the delete button is so available! Keep up the good work, Allie and Ryan. Hugs, Grandma