March 09, 2012

Happy Birthday, Allie!

Happy Birthday, Peanut!
At 3 you are:
An exuberant Ball of Energy - rarely ceasing motion except to sleep.
Enthusiastic and Adventurous
Caring and Mothering - you will stop playing to care for a friend's baby sibling. You are sincerely moved by stories of children who have less. You look out for the feelings of those around you.
Sensitive - you cry when people are angry (anyone around you. Raised voices from anywhere in the vicinity elicit a response) and your feelings are hurt easily.
A Stickler for Rules - often yourself. always with others. I frequently hear my words in your voice "Choose your attitude," "That is not something we say," "We need to show each other
Jesus' love."
Creative - you love to draw, paint, build, decorate, and, since your party where you received your camera, take pictures. You have an eye for the beauty in the world around you.
Thoughtful, and Always Thinking - you are already an expert at thinking through a situation and/or negotiating. We recently spent a weekend with a director of a preschool and she said you would get an A+ in your reasoning and problem-solving skills.
Loving - If anyone is sad, you will give them a hug. If anyone is sick or tired, you try to care for them. You frequently give spontaneous hugs and kisses and say, "I love you so much!"
Some of your favorite things:
Seahorse, "Come Together" by the Beatles, Little Einsteins, any fruit, anything princesses (Cinderella is your absolute favorite), the color blue (it's Cinderella's color), dancing like a ballerina, playing with cars, taking pictures with your camera, wrestling (you frequently tackle your brother or daddy), reading (your most requested book right now is "Lost!")
Funny things you say:
"Anyfing." - you use this interchangeably to mean "Nothing" or "Everything."
Potentially TMI** You like to describe your bowel movements. It cracks me up to find you in the bathroom saying things like "It's 2 poopies! A mama and a baby!" or "it's blueberry poopies" or "it's a snake poopy!"
My favorite recent stories:
We were up north for the youth retreat and you wanted me to lay down in your room until you fell asleep. You threw a huge tantrum. I told you that if you stopped screaming and crying I would give you a favorite book to read until you fell asleep, but if you kept it up I would take the book away. You stopped for a moment, thought about it, handed me the book, and said, "You take it. I want to keep throwing a tantrum." Thus the A+ on reasoning skills!

When we were doing the shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child, I told you that there are some children that don't get special surprises or presents. You were so sad for these children. You thoughtfully shopped for the things you thought they might like. I thought you would forget, but every now and then you mention the kids who don't get special surprises. We talked recently about the siblings we are going to adopt. You responded, "Are they the children who don't get special surprises? They will get special surprises when they live with us."

Shortly after you opened your camera, you got very upset when your cousin wanted to play with it. We went in the bedroom to have a talk about sharing, treating each other with love and respect, and not justifying unacceptable behavior just because our feelings are hurt. The next day you took your camera to church and another girl picked up your camera to take pictures. I could see you weren't happy, but you simply played with something else until she was finished. I was so proud of you for listening so well and responding with love when faced with the same situation.
You are a bundle of joy. Your sweet heart and unending energy brighten every day. Buddy calls you his "little" Sis and best friend, and he loves both being cared for by you and saving and protecting you. Daddy loves his little girl and you melt his heart often. Mommy can't get enough of your hugs, thoughtfulness, and sweetness. Happy Birthday, Sis! We love you!


Anonymous said...

Allie has perception so beyond her years and putting others first at her age is amazing. Good job Mom to work with her personality! I love the profile of your kids. Hugs, Grandma

Anonymous said...

Amazingly beautiful..WE also love you Allie and you are everything your mommy said. I see your daddy so much when I see you. Hugs from Nana