March 02, 2012

Feeling Nostalgic

It happens at the end of February every year. A wave of incredible nostalgia hits. Memories of my weeks in the hospital. Memories of my tiny babies. Memories of hospital visits and bringing them home. We are gearing up for their 3rd birthday parties (yes...parties...plural...I don't know what I was thinking...), and I can't figure out where the last 3 years went. It seems like just yesterday they were so tiny.
They definitely don't fit quite so easily in my arms anymore! They've gotten so tall that they are now a mess of gangly arms and legs in my lap. I remember bringing them home and wishing that they could be older. Sturdy toddlers so I wouldn't be so worried about them all the time. I thought it would be forever until they turned 1, let alone 3. Now 3 years have passed and I laugh that I ever had that thought. Partly because the time went by so quickly. Partly because I thought I would worry less about incredibly active toddlers than sweet, sleeping newborns!


Anonymous said...

How fun!! We saw the almost 3 year olds on skype yesterday (THANKS!) and now we get to see the beginning today! How time flies. I am eager to see the birthday outfits on them, Kim! It was good to see your Mom (a tiny bit) and your Dad with the kids as well on skype. Tell Lucas that I made EVERY day of the first two months doing my DVD exercise and going into March. He's a good inspirer!
Loveand prayers, Grandma

Anonymous said...

Kim..I was thinking too that it seemed like yesterday we were all in Boston so so excited about the babies. Wondering if they would be alright and every little thing getting so worried because they were so fragile. NOW...they run and jump and are tall and sing and cry and laugh and even share toys with each other. I don't want them to grow up so fast. Please slow down. :) Glad we were able to be at the 3 year old party even if it was a little Red there. Love you all, Nana
ps. we are home finally !