November 10, 2011

Wonder Pets

I know that I said that the leaves pictures were going to fill the next few posts...but then I took these pictures of us having SO much fun, and I decided to squeeze them in. Shake it up, and all that.

The twins recently were introduced and fell in love with Wonder Pets. Not familiar with Wonder Pets? See their page HERE and listen to the theme song HERE (the picture captions will make a lot more sense if you listen to the theme song...). I will confess that I sort of love this show too. The songs are super catchy (Lucas and I find ourselves singing them all the time), plus the twins have started singing their conversations which is adorable! Yesterday, I was emptying a can of diced tomatoes and it made me think about how the Wonder Pets use a tin can & string phone. I decided to save the cans to make a phone with the twins. It was a hit!
"The phone, the phone is ringing!"
They spent about 20 minutes talking & singing into the "phone." It was a blast!
"This is sewious!"
Suddenly it struck me that capes would make it even more fun! So I grabbed some knit tank tops from my up-cycle basket and cut them into capes. The twins were even more thrilled with this addition!
"Wonder Pets! Wonder Pets! We're on our way! To help a tiny animal and save the day!"
Part of the show is that they see the animal in trouble in their tin can phone. I have a gigantic stash of magazines in the craft room, so I went through and cut out some pictures of animals to put in the phone (can you tell I was totally getting into the game?). I was so excited about this idea because I can keep putting new animals and adventures in the phone for endless options of creative play! I felt like a genius. I probably saw it somewhere else and forgot and am now attributing it to myself...
"There's an animal in trouble! There's an animal in trouble! There's an animal in trouble somewhere"
(note: this is a dog tangled in Christmas lights if you can't tell)
We spent the rest of the morning putting in new animals to save, singing the songs, and running around in capes. So. Much. Fun!
"What's gonna work? Teamwork!"
November 9th, We Are Thankful For:
Allie: my comb (I was combing her hair when I asked...I should have known)
Ryan: cars jammies
Let me tell you about Ryan's Car pajamas. My mom sent them in the mail. While the twins have never seen the movie, they are obsessed with all things transportation related, so mom was pretty sure they would be a hit. They are. Too big maybe. He doesn't want to wear anything else. He has to because I cannot get them washed every day, but he wears them about every other night. And when he wears them he doesn't want to get dressed the next day. "I don't need to get dressed. I just wear my cars jammies," he tells me. They are apparently appropriate for all occasions. The only thing that will coax him out of the cars jammies that Gigi bought? The rocket shirt that Nana bought. If Ryan only had these items in his wardrobe, he would be a happy guy!
Kim: My husband helping out.
It was a long day. The kids were extra whiny. I had to kill a spider. Somehow poop got on the carpet and I had to clean it. It was one of those days. And Lucas was going to be gone in the evening, so I was on my own for bedtime and the hour leading up to it. But Lucas came home a little early, and took the kids the whole time he was home so I could relax. I'm a lucky girl :)
Lucas: Deacons Meeting.
If it kept him away in the evening so that I had to do bedtime by myself, I'm thankful that it was so great that it was his big thankful for the day!
"We're not too big, and we're not too tough, but when we work together we've got the right stuff! Go, Wonder Pets! Yay!!!!"


Anonymous said...

Great Job Kim seems it was a hit with the twins. how cute them singing to each other conversation.Love it how sweet almost bought another pair of car jammies so maybe he would have more chances to have a clean pair but that might take the special out of it. Gigi

Anonymous said...

Love this blog! Such fun. Today I am thankful for the great day with your Mom!! A wonderful girl-talk day! And because I was leaving, I hustled and cleaned the house before we left and came home to a nice home with the sun shining in everywhere, so inviting. Life is good. Have a great weekend, Grandma