November 02, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Ever the activity director, I planned a day full of celebrations for the twinners. We started the morning with pumpkin oatmeal that had Halloween sprinkles on top (Note: Lucas wanted money bread, but I said that monkey bread was only for birthdays - Christmas counts since it is technically Jesus' birthday. Later, I remembered that it actually IS my cousin's birthday. I would have totally made monkey bread in her honor. Sorry, Mel. I'll remember next year!). The twins really loved the sprinkles...and have asked for them every morning since...
Before we headed out. Who taught them to always say cheese?
We had orange foods for every meal (squash, macaroni & cheese, carrots, etc.), and danced with glow sticks that I saved for the day. And then we started to get ready! I was really disappointed because it ended up being COLD, and the twins are getting over ear infections. I knew Ryan would be set, but Goldilocks' outfit was going to need some tweaking...including a hat...covering the gorgeous, blond locks that inspired the costumes! I was devastated. We ended up changing Allie's outfit completely to have something that went with the leggings. I ended up sort of loving the outfit that emerged (Allie picked most of it)
Let's go!
We were sort of excited this year because it was the first year the twins "got" the idea of trick-or-treating. They were so excited all day that they would get to go to people's houses and say the words and people would just give them candy! One time, a while back, they weren't eating their dinner well and had been cranky, but (for reasons I can't remember) I gave them some candy. Before I gave it to them I said, "You have done nothing to deserve this candy. In fact, your actions deserve the opposite. But I am giving you this candy because I love you. Getting something good when you deserve the opposite is grace. This candy is grace." I had forgotten about that encounter, but all day on Halloween the twins would say, "They will give us candy for nothing. That candy will be grace." And after one of the first houses, Allie held up her candy and said, "This is grace." I thought that was a sweet twist on Halloween - every house a picture of God's grace.
Mama bear with her babies. Sadly, we somehow didn't get a picture with Papa bear! FAIL!
We only hit houses of people we knew, and mostly just people from church. We weren't going to go to the Trunk-or-Treat again this year, but we kept hearing from families that usually went that they weren't going. So, we thought we would drive by. Sure enough, it wasn't busy at all! There were no lines, people - prepared for crowds like last year - gave the twins handfuls of candy. There were firetrucks, and police cars, cups of apple cider, and someone dressed up like a cow - all of their favorite things! We ended up being really glad we went!
Trying to get a picture by the pumpkins. They were so excited, they could barely sit still!
One thing I found interesting was the way their personalities were fully displayed during trick-or-treating. I have felt for a while now that Ryan is truly an introvert while Allie is an extrovert. Am article I read made me feel more confident of that. Halloween solidified that for me. Allie happily marched up to doors, answered all questions, reached in the bowl for candy offered, and chatted for as long as they wanted. Ryan hid. He didn't want to answer questions. He didn't want to reach in to get candy. He didn't want to stick around. He kept saying, "No more candy, Mommy. I want to go home." The Trunk-or-Treat was perfect for him because he didn't feel the same pressure as he did at someones door. Another personality trait that came out? Ryan savors while Allie devours. This frequently happens with special treats. Allie stuffs hers in her mouth and Ryan licks it to death. I found it interesting that Allie reached in and grabbed whatever candy offered, but Ryan carefully chose a sucker every time he had a choice. For Ryan, the best candy is one that forces you to savor!
The best pic of the bunch! Can you tell they are proud of their candy bags?
Overall, they clearly had fun. Tonight we had company for dinner and when the doorbell rang, Allie ran to the door and yelled "Trick-or-Treat!" She then turned to me and said, "Now they will give me candy!" Thankfully, she was understanding when I explained to her that those words only work one night of the year. The giant bag full of candy in the pantry probably helped...
Trick-or-Treating at our first house!
November 2nd, We Are Thankful For:
Allie: Papa & Gigi's special beds.
Ryan: Papa & Gigi's special beds.
Confession: before they got their big kid beds we had a rule about what they had to do at bedtime (namely not scream and fight bedtime) to earn their big kid beds. Since they got the beds, they have started to procrastinate more and more at bedtime. And they are good! Tired of the long bedtimes that end in screaming every night, and desperately searching for something to replace big kid beds as incentive, I told the twins about the special beds that Papa & Gigi got for twins for our visit in a few weeks. They were so intrigued by the beds that bedtime was a breeze. And these beds have replaced candy in their minds as the only thing they can think of!
Lucas: My beautiful wife's grace, mercy, hospitality, and garlic bread.
Kim: A fresh start.
Confession: This morning, Lucas and I had a fight. Basically, there is this time in the morning, before my coffee kicks in, where I cannot manage to be rational and tend to be grumpy & quick. It doesn't take much for a conversation to explode into an argument. I had to leave to do grocery shopping. Lucas had to go to work. We left fuming...and then calmed down...and then exchanged some loving texts where we decided to try starting the day over (note: the caffeine had kicked in!). I'm thankful for our fresh start that completely turned my day around.


Lauren and Jeff said...

I LOVE that candy is God's grace when you're getting it for no reason! Stealing that!

Oh, and Ryan looks SO SO sweet in the bear costume!

Anonymous said...

that is a great way to look at candy from others for no reason. I really didn't like the idea of free candy and as much as you can get in one night. But like Gods grace to us it is never ending and we don't deserve it. How great of a lesson that was for us all that enjoy your blog. Thank you, Gigi

Melanie said...

Hey Kim - You are such an awesome, fun mom! And next year you can TOTALLY use my birthday to make monkey bread for Halloween! Your kids are adorable and its so fun to keep up with your fam. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Halloween can be fun it's all in what you teach your kids. Great Job and they look adorable. Just wish we could have seen Papa Bear....huh
Hugs from Nana

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm behind again. I spent 5 days with Brandey sewing a very complicated costume for a huge conference. It had lots of intricate trim and details. we had fun and it turned out like she wanted so we were happy. Anyway, I am behind on other things. I love the idea about halloween candy being grace!!! You listen to the Holy Spirit's nudging and wisdom so well, Kim. That is such joy, isn't it!!!! I love you, Grandma