November 14, 2011

Thankfuls 2

November 13, We Are Thankful For:
Ryan & Allie: I'm such a loser. I forgot to ask again!
Lucas: Sunday School Class
Kim: A nap. Lucas took the kids downstairs so I could get a nap. It was so needed. I was so thankful
November 14, We Are Thankful For:
Allie: Penguin.
You've met him. Their giant penguin. Once upon a time he stood watch over me in the hospital, now he stands guard at the twins' door. And wrestles with him. They love this penguin.
Ryan: Bumble
His nearest and dearest stuffed friend. Our favorite thing? After seeing Lucas and I play with bumble like a puppet, Ryan has mastered helping Bumble turn his head to look at someone (usually himself) with the perfect comedic timing.
Lucas: Lunch with a local pastor (who, I happen to know from my college days!)
Kim: A clean bill of health for the twins - at their follow-up appointment for their ear infections.
Dinner - Lucas made dinner tonight. Is there anything better? Yes. He did the dishes too!
November 15, We Are Thankful For:
Ryan: Nana
Allie: Princess Underwear
Basically, diapers stopped working at night time. We tried the special (more expensive) nighttime diapers. We tried doubling diapers. We tried double, and then triple-stuffed cloth diapers. All worked for a little while, but eventually my super-pee-ers soaked through at night. After a week of changing, and washing, their bedding every morning, I turned to nighttime pull ups. So far, so good. And we call them "big kid bedtime underwear." The kids are through the moon that they get to wear big kid underwear!
Lucas: Getting on a roll (He has a big work week. He needs to be "in the zone.")
Kim: Our costume bin.
My friends 2 children joined us after moms' group. One is a little older than the twins, the other a little younger. I was a little worried about my ability to entertain all of them. Enter the costume bin. The kids had such a blast trying on costume, after costume. They switched costumes, and ran around in the costumes. It was great! Unfortunately, not great enough to get them all to take great naps, but I was thrilled nonetheless.
November 16, We Are Thankful For:
Allie & Ryan: I'm a bum. I meant to ask half a dozen times, and somehow forgot.
Lucas: The twins' basketball hoop (his favorite toy).
Kim: Potty Training Pre-requisites. Potty training is in our near future. I have been reading this book to get ready. Seriously, if there was one potty training "manual" written just for me, this is it! I'm having so much fun planning the potty parties! There are some things they suggest you do in the meantime to help them gain skills that will make potty training day easier - like un-dressing and dressing themselves. I've worked with the twins on the basics - like pulling down their pants - but I thought it would be fun to try more. I've also been letting them make decisions about their wardrobe in the morning. Today, they were both very clear about what they wanted to wear - Ryan wanted his monster truck shirt and his gecko pants. Allie wanted Ryan's "construction" shirt with her red dress and her blue leggings. Sometimes it isn't worth arguing crazy wardrobe choices... Them they undressed and dressed themselves. I stepped in to help, although rarely, and usually just to offer tips or suggestions. The result? Allie's leggings
ended up on backwards. But leggings are enough the same front and back that I decided it didn't matter. All day long, the very vivid visual picture of their growing independence made me smile!


Anonymous said...

That is a lot of thankful s. Loved the fact that they picked there own clothes out and did pretty good. I'm thankful that they know songs and sing for me. Love to all...Nana

Lauren and Jeff said...

Allie looks really cute in the construction shirt!

Anonymous said...

Did you ever think you would get into the big kid training pants!!! Bye, bye diapers is a huge thank you!! They are growing up. Love the dressing themselves.
Have they mastered putting back what they didn't chose to wear? Blessings and JOY with your Mom and Dad visiting and joy, joy, joy that you all are coming back here!! Yay!! Lots of love, Grandma