August 27, 2009

This and That

I thought you might enjoy pictures of the babies in the aforementioned exersaucers. As you can tell they are a never-ending source of delight. Actually, it does end. 20 minutes is about the longest they are entertained and then they want something else!

A few cute happenings:

Their sense of humor is starting to come out. Allie is like her father in that she likes a tease, or practical joke. We recently discovered that the babies understood when we said, "legs down," while changing their diaper. When we said this, they would flop their legs down straight. However, lately Allie will put 1 leg down while holding up the other - and giggle. Then she'll pick that leg up and put the other down - and giggle. She will do this several times - giggling at your reaction each time. Then she will put both legs down straight and giggle more. She thinks she's so funny!

Ryan's sense of humor is just goofy (I'd say he takes after me, but I still see a lot of Lucas' humor in him too...). We noticed early on that he would giggle whenever other people laughed, regardless of whether or not he saw what they were laughing at or even saw the people who were laughing (I had AFV on once, and whenever the crowd laughed he would laugh even though he was in another room!). He has also learned the charming power of his laughter over the ladies. He has a habit of going into giggle fits whenever girls are around. He can hardly control himself (this is where he is like his daddy...). And whatever he does that makes you laugh, he will continue to do over and over.

And finally - A Cute Story:
Lately the twins have been slapping at everything. I know it is their new way of feeling the world around them - and exerting some of their newfound strength and power over it - and generally it is harmless. However, sometimes they begin slapping at each other. It is, again, usually harmless. One will start patting the back of the other when I'm trying to burp them, or slap at the other's arm. The other day I was burping Allie and Ryan was "helping" when suddenly I noticed that he was playing with her shirt, then her ears, then her hair! That kind of thing...well, yesterday they were drinking their bottles. I hold them side by side on my lap, and Allie was patting her leg, then Ryan's arm, then his bottle (which knocked it out of his mouth). I pulled her hand away as best as I could (holding 2 babies and 2 bottles doesn't leave many hands free...), and told her not to hit her brother, but pretty soon she was at it again. Not to be mean, just feeling the world around her. Again I did my best to hold her hand away, and again I told her not to hit her brother (yes, I know she probably can't understand now, but she will before I know it...). Finally, she did it a third time. Before I could wriggle my hand over to grab hers, Ryan reached up and grabbed her hand. He held her hand the entire rest of the meal and the two of them happily ate while holding hands. It was adorable!

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Anonymous said...

Oh we are missing so much. Thank you again and again for the stories, it seems to help the fact that we are not around to see all of the funny little things the twins are doing. Missing you guys so much you can't even imagine.
Nana & Popie
I'm so excited to see your folks in September and be all together with the twins.