August 14, 2009

Out of the Mouths of Babes

While we know the babies cannot talk yet, they do have a knack for mimicking sounds (and words) that sometimes is a little surprising. For example, they both have (on many occassions) said "hi" and "ya" at the proper moment in response to something we have said. Rationally I KNOW that this is because I always come in and say, "Hi!"...and sometimes they mimic it back. Or because we often say "oh, ya?" in response to things they say...and so they correctly mimic the sound in a similar circumstance.

Ryan will often say "'kay" in response to something we say. The other night Lucas was with Ryan and he was telling him they were going to do something (like go grab a bib in the other room, or something like that), and Ryan looked at him and said, "'kay," and then smiled when Lucas was shocked, like he knew saying that would prompt that response in daddy.

Allie frequently quotes Monty Python. Sounds strange, but she is constantly saying "nee." When she fusses she says "nee," when she's playing she says "nee," and sometimes when she is eating she pulls out the bottle and says "nee." We constantly joke about getting her a shrubbery and we're just waiting for the day she turns to us and says "ekke ekke ekke ekke ptang zoo boing zow zing!"

The sweetest, best "talking" moment was the other night during bedtime. They had just finished eating, and Lucas was burping Ryan and I was burping Allie. Lucas was telling Ryan how much he loved him, and then he turned to Allie (who was wearing an "I Love Mommy" bib) and said, "And Allie, even though your bib says you love mommy and not me, I love you so, so much too." Allie looked up, smiled and said "ohhhhh." (which is a favorite sound), and then she said, "I love you." And while we were sure that it was sounds strung together, it so clearly sounded like "I love you" that we looked at each other shocked (while she giggled). Regardless of whether or not it was sounds strung together - those exact sounds together in that order said at that moment in response to Lucas was nothing short of a very sweet miracle!


Anonymous said...

It wouldn't surprise me a bit if she said that because you read to them all the time. I heard words on my phone call from them. I thought I was just hearing things. But now I know it was real. Treasure the stories Kim!! Thanks so much. Nana
The video with Ryan laughing with the Ketchens is priceless!!

Anonymous said...

When she said Hi back at papas surprise party to everyone that was so sweet and melted my heart. I miss them and you and lucas so much. GG