September 22, 2005

Thoughts on Prayer & Evangelism

Things are well here on campus. I am learning a lot in my classes and from my required reading. I have been learning a lot about prayer, and not just reading a lot about prayer, but truly learning about prayer through study and practice. My professor for my Evangelism course has continued to stress to us the fundamental importance of prayer for our lives (mentally, physically and even spiritually!), for the church and especially for reaching those who do not yet have a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. So 1/3 of the class period is spent praying as a class or with our prayer partner. It has been refreshing and reinvigorating to say the lest. The more time we spend in prayer the more our focus is on God and his business here on Earth, in our communities and in our lives. This also dovetails with another book I am reading for a different class called "God at Sinai." This book details all those events in the Bible where God reveals himself to someone or someones. The example I am thinking about is when Moses is called by God to go up to the Mountain to make two new tablets in Ex 34. When Moses returns to the people, they cannot even look at him because there is a light shining about his head because he "has spoken with the LORD." It is so bright that Moses has to where a veil to talk to the people. In the same way as we draw close to God and are transformed into disciple of Christ and more closely walk in the way of the Spirit, we reflect that same glory that Moses encountered by drawing close to God. When we have that glory, people cannot help but wonder what is different about us or our lives or what is missing from his or her own life. This is evangelism as it is proclaimed in the Bible. People attracting others to Christ, not pushing or pulling them to Christ. Now, there are things I am leaving out that are important (building relationships, communicating the gospel message clearly, etc). Well, thus my thoughts over the last week. I didn't expect it to be this long, but I guess, once you get going, you really get going. Your thoughts?


aunt flower lady said...

Lucas, It sounds like an intense class. I know praying in a group can be so rewarding. I know my prayer life gets stale at times, and it's hard to keep praying for the same things over and over. I feel I'm boring God at times. Maybe through reading this I can get my prayer life fired up again.
Keep writing about what your doing it's so interesting.
Love to you both aunt darleen

Mom Miller said...

You are so right about people watching and wondering what a Christian has that they don't have. There is a difference and praying is so important, even when we don't think God is listening. His timing is perfect and we are impatient. It is so awesome when we see prayers answered. You must enjoy your class and we all need to remember how powerful prayer is. Miss you guys and think of you often. Love, Mom Miller

Jane said...

Just a quick post to say hi, found your blog! yay! Miss you both (Kim more... sorry Lucas...) You were actually in my dream last night, too... how odd is that? Glad to hear you are doing well!