September 08, 2005

Orientation & Registration

Since Tuesday I have been going through orientation here at GCTS. While most of it is old news for me due to having moved here 3 months ago, I did register today and thought I would share my class schedule with you. Oh, good news, I took a New Testament and an Old Testament Competency exam and passed out of two survey courses. What this means is that I have 2 elective courses that have opened up for me. This is very exciting because the MDiv program here is pretty much mapped out for us (26 of our 30 courses are mandatory), but some of the mandatory courses do have options. For example, I need to take a course in Christian Ethics and there are 3 or 4 courses that would fulfill that requirement. Now that I have passed out of the OT & NT survey courses, I have 6 electives to play with instead of just 4, which is so nice considering that there are so many courses I want to take, but I just can't fit them all in! Anyway, here is my schedule for this fall:

Basic Greek M,W,F 8-9 am
Exegesis of the Elijah and Elisha Narratives M 1:15-4:15 pm
Introduction to the Old Testament T 1:15-4:15 pm
Personal Evangelism through the Local Church W 6-9 pm
Introduction to Pastoral Counseling F 1:15-4:15

A few comments:

1. Yes, I am taking 5 courses, which is considered to be a heavy load (most take four), but I have taken Greek before, so that should be more review than anything, and I am not yet heavily involved with our church yet, and I have a job that allows me to study as I work. Additionally, I am use to taking 5 courses per semester when I was at Hillsdale.

2. The exegesis course is my Hebrew class.

3. I am very excited to get started. I have been antsy lately, especially when Kim is at work and I am home bored.

4. I have already met and visited with 4 of my professors here and have been very impressed with how welcoming and personal they have all been. You can sense here that there is a very heavy emphasis with in the administration and faculty concering each student's spiritual life and character. It's humbling to see how much prayer there is on campus among the students and faculty. It certainly has been encouraging and motivating for my own prayer time. By the way, if you have something for which I can pray for you, please let me know via comments or shoot me an e-mail. This could be a one-time thing or I can add you to my weekly prayer list. Prayer is refreshing in and of itself for the soul, and then you add on top of it that God actually listens and acts upon them is utterly astonishing. I will write more concerning my classes as the semester proceeds. Ta, ta for now.


aunt flower lady said...

Hi Luke, sounds like a very heavy load your carrying, but I know you will do well in whatever you do in like. I do have a prayer request. Would you keep Jacob in your prayers. He is due for another MRI on Monday. Their checking his brain to see if he has any seizure activity going on.Also he needs prayer for his learning, he has a hard time in school focusing and with his temper. Especially when it comes to losing in gym and when the teacher gets on him. He can't seem to control his tongue.
Randy and Nikki are trying to get him into Sylvians learning center, but it costs alot.
Thanks for the prayers they can use them.Love aunt darleen
hi Kim

Anonymous said...

Lucas, wish I had your energy. We pray for you and Kim every morning before Matt goes to school. Of couse I continue with this throughout the day as The Lord brings you to mind. I am glad to hear it is going good there . The Lord has blessed us all. I do have a prayer request but sent it to Kim so won't repeat. Love ya Lots, Mom R

Calah said...


I would like to have a copy of that document I sent you and asked you to keep. Would you please be able to send it to me ASAP?



Hack said...

We made a raft out of dead monkeys!

Jschellhammer said...

I thought I ought point you in the direction of this post and the happy accompanying memories

Mom Miller said...

Yes..Lucas & Kim...please keep Rachel Fissette (York) baby in your prayers. He was suppose to die at birth or 1st surgery and now he is on his 4th surgery and almost 1 1/2 years old. Dr's say he might make it; if he makes it through the last surgery. His identical twin brother is doing just fine. But Jason needs prayers he is a fighter and God is keeping him here for a reason. I'm sending you the article that Jim sent me from the newspaper about him. you both

ldmiller said...

Since I have not updated in a while, I thought I would give a quick response.

Aunt Darleen, I have included Jacob in a small prayer group that I meet with weekly and have kept Jacob in my prayers daily.

Mom R: thak you for all the prayers. They all are heard and welcomed.

Hack: dead monkeys do make excellent flotation devices.

Schellhammer: Loved the link. Brought back good memories.

Mom: Jason has been in my prayers as well. I hope all is well. Please keep me updated.

SkywalkerofDreams said...
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Jschellhammer said...

all i can say is, it's about time . . . oh yeah, and title is classic too.

Anonymous said...