July 08, 2005

Who wants Cake?

For those of you who read about Lucas and Hebrew and wondered what I do all day...this is pretty much it. I still do not have a job, and since staying at home looking for jobs on the internet (I check the local papers' Help Wanted ads and Bostonworks.com) has no dress code, I do it in my pajamas. Lucas often comes home to me looking exactly like our darling friend pictured here. I thought looking for a job would be a full-time thing, and it was for a few days, but, having exhausted most of my resources, it is now part-time with few benefits. One would think an entire day of free time would be lovely. I, myself, once thought an entire day of free time would be just that...but I'm going crazy! To fill up the extra hours I've been doing Pilates and a lot of baking...which are truly as counterproductive as they sound. It has gotten so bad that I deliberately make messes in the apartment so that I have something to clean up later. Now you would be right if you're thinking that applying to so many jobs and not getting calls for interviews would be depressing, but I'm dealing with it as best as possible (you think here that I'm going to say keeping a positive attitude and waiting for God to bring me the right job, but I'm much more human than that) - I make a lot of cake. I'm not posting this to make you feel sorry for me. I'm actually well within the normal time frame for job-hunting, and my patience could use a little practice. But I would appreciate your prayers. And if you happen to call and I sound dissappointed to hear your voice on the other end of the phone, don't take it personally.


Anonymous said...

HI my name is curtis and I own a dance company my blogspot is Ordered Steps Dance Company (orderedstepsdancecompany.blogspot.com) anyways this the first time a started looking at other blogs and I read yours. I surely will be praying for you. Oh and stick to the pilates. I hope that everything works out, God Bless.

Calah said...

I'm always happy to see Kim post something awesome :)


Denise said...

Kim...I surely can relate. I've had so many days like that with Dan always being gone...but then all of a sudden something wonderful happens...like Lucas bringing you home and you two getting married. What a wonderful day and daughter-in-law I have. Pray for you everyday. The job is coming. Love, Mom Miller

BillG said...


It's a little weird to see a post by "ldmiller" and read it and think that Lucas is the one doing the pilates and eating the cake. . . only to realize too late that it's you instead.

Keep your head up in your search for a job--what kind of work are you looking for? I subscribe to a marketing newsletter that published national employment opportunities, so let me know if you're looking for something in that field.

When I came to Fort Wayne, the only prospect I had was my relationship with Megan. It took me 5 months to find something, and I didn't even start the job until 2 months later. Hang in there!