November 14, 2014

Our Month of Thankfulness: Week 2

Somehow, the only pictures I took recently were on my phone (and some of these pictures were taken after the second week of November).  I guess I'm thankful for phones that take pictures so that I always have a camera with me...even if it doesn't take pictures that are that great!

I was sick for a good chunk of this week, so we didn't do all that much.  In fact, I pretty much just went to work, and did the bare necessities at home, and slept.  You'll see that reflected in our thankfuls.
On Mondays, one of their friends from school comes over.  We decided to try out a new park.  This awesome jeep was at the park, and the kids wanted their picture on the top! 
 - Healthy Mommy!
 - Friends at school (Especially Evan)
- My brother (Allie's thankful)
 - My sister (Ryan's thankful)
- Time with Allie & Ryan (Lucas and the kids had lots of time to hang out while I was sick - the one upside).
- My Family
- Warm, cozy house (It has been cold here, y'all)
- God & His creation (This one was the kids, but it made me so happy)
Then Allie wanted her picture alone at the top.
Another thing for which I am thankful is having a job that allows me to capture things like this:
The kindergarten teacher called me in one morning.  Allie has been really loving the magna tiles when they have indoor playtime.  On this particular day, she spent the whole playtime building a boat.  The teacher kept it intact for me to see, and then encouraged me to get my phone to take a picture.  She even let me take one with Allie once she got back to class.  The teacher said, "I think it looks a lot like a freighter."  She was shocked when I told her that it probably was since Poppy sailed on them for many years.  The teacher thought that made it even more cool!  I can't tell you how much I love getting to be a part of these little moments firsthand!
The month is speeding by.  I can't believe half of it is gone already!  It will be Thanksgiving before we know it...

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