December 08, 2013

Clearing the Card

The memory card, that is.  As promised, here are some of the pictures from our Thanksgiving and Post-Thanksgiving Adventures
Ryan making the Apple Pie.  He did most of the work for the apple pie filling (and some of the crust).
(Watching Curious George while the grown up watch football/cook).
Getting our tree.
The wagon ride out to the lot with the trees we wanted...which ended up being far from the lot with the trees we wanted...but Ryan's favorite part nonetheless.
Allie found this stick and called it her "reindeer costume." I was unable to get a picture the rest of the day without her holding that in front of her face.
Not wanting to squash their eagerness to help, I sorted all of the breakable ornaments out and let them decorate with the rest.  Completely squashing my natural inclination to control (and thereby squash their eagerness), I let them decorate as they wanted with minimal input.

They even got to use the step stool so they could reach more of the tree (since, thankfully, the majority of our ornaments are relatively unbreakable).

And a few outtakes from our attempt at a classic "Picture in Front of the Tree"
The "Don't-Mess-With-Our-Tree" look.  Serious and Menacing.
"The Stinker"
Note: He is not doing what it might look like in this picture.  He was sort of dancing around, and she was making pretend mustaches with her finger...and then we ended  up with this gem where he lifted his leg while her finger was still up by her nose...
December came on fast and furious.  We've been doing our best to pare down and say no to anything that causes undue stress...but we've still been crazy busy.  I will certainly do my best to post, but first I have to remember to take my camera with me (which I haven't done for any of our December adventures yet...)!


Anonymous said...

These pictures are so cute. Thanks for posting all the time for us Kim, it is so special to keep up daily with everyone. Hugs to all. Nana

Anonymous said...

Love the dancing picture, couldn't have poise better for the outcome. Good looking tree too, Did a great job twins. Love Gigi and Papa