December 30, 2013

A Miller Christmas Carol

Oops.  Somehow I missed documenting all of Christmas.  It was a busy December...So, here it is in short form with Christmas Carol Titles:

"See Amid the Winter's Snow"
We drove 2 hours to see live reindeer and all Allie wanted to do was make snow angels (we didn't have any snow near us yet)
"The Friendly Beasts"
Everyone got a chance to pet "Prancer."
"5 Little Christmas Trees"
The twins School program.  Ignore the crazy eyes.  Taking pictures from far away and needing the flash means really strange red-eye corrections...
 "Les Anges dans nos campagnes"
Since their school director is Canadian, several of the songs were in french.
"Jolly Old Saint Nicholas"

 "Christmas Train"

 "Do You Hear What I Hear?"
Waiting for the Puppet Show.
 As usual, not sure about the (friendly) in the puppet show.
"Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer"
The church Christmas Program "Christmas Around the World."
 "Oh Christmas Tree"
Ryan essentially sang a solo.
 "Santa Lucia"
Following the lead of the older girls, Allie sang so quietly no one could hear.
 "Joy to the World!"
I love my little carolers!
"It's Christmas Day"
 "Christmas Present"
 "We Three Kings"
Or 2 Super Heroes and a Princess...

"Silent Night"
While the adults finished dinner, the twins snuggled on the couch with their new Curious George book and read together for longer than we all expected!
Our Christmas was wonderful.  Full of more stories and adventures than I could even recount (like the night when we housed 13 people and 1 dog due to an ice storm that knocked out the power at Lucas' brother's).  One of the best I can remember.  We hope yours were all the same, and here's to a few more posts in the new Year!


Lucas said...

Once again, you put together a fabulous Christmas experience for our whole family. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more what a blessed Christmas. I know I would have lost it before the week was out if I had been cooking for that group. You are a big blessing all year through. Thank you so much Kimberly and Lucas for your Hospitality all week. Love you all so much! Gigi and Papa

Anonymous said...

It was a fun Christmas. And the dinners at your house were spectacular!!! Love the pictures and it was especially nice getting to hang with Papa & Gigi :) I'm beyond tired out. Love to all!!

Anonymous said...

That was Nana