November 05, 2012

A Thankfulness Project

Friday, I finally remembered that it was in fact November, and that I had a plan for documenting our thankfuls.  I, however, didn't have the time to put my plan into action.  I did manage to document our thankfuls before another day passed by.  Saturday, I finally managed to pull my plan together: our thankfulness tree.
Allie: My babies - she has a million stuffed animals, toys, even little pillows that she calls her babies.  She cared for them as if they were real babies.  She has a tender mother's heart.
Ryan: Candy!  What else could we expect when he has a bag full of delicious treasures.  Trick-or-treating had a big impact on this one.
I am thankful for:
Freezer Dinners.  I took some time a while back to make some meals ahead and put them in the freezer.  It was a relief, after the previous day being so emotional and the twins not sleeping the night before, to be able to pull a bag out of the freezer, pop the contents into the crock pot, and know my family was going to have a healthy, home-cooked meal with almost no effort!

The Toy House.  We have an amazing toy store that is not too far away.  We needed to get a present for our neighbor's birthday.  We needed an afternoon diversion.  It was perfect!  But being there makes me wish that I could either be a kid again, or buy everything there and live vicariously through my children!

Talking with my dad.  It was such a cloudy, dreary day.  I was so tired.  And I was hit by a wave of sadness and loss that I was worried would storm out of control.  My dad has always had  a stabilizing influence.  No matter what the mood, my dad has always known how to remind me what is important, calm me down, comfort, encourage, support me. Suddenly, I just needed to hear his voice.  We didn't even talk about anything important, but he managed to do what he does best.  For that matter, today I am especially thankful for my parents.  In my opinion, they did an incredible job raising my brothers and I.  They taught me so many wonderful things - often teaching the most valuable way...through their example.  They sacrificed so much (more than I realized at the time) to give us the best they could - especially when it came to education.  Their faith, especially, was an incredible example and laid the foundation for the faith and ministry I live today.  I hope I can be as wonderful a parent for my children...and that they will turn out as wonderfully as me ;)


Lauren and Jeff said...

LOVE the tree idea! There's a distinct possibility I'm stealing that idea!

Anonymous said...

You are so blessed to have great parents Kim. I'm thankful for them too they are great grandparents also!! Love the tree idea :) Nana

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this special blessing you just gave to papa and I. We do owe the Thanks to our Father in Heaven who shared each one of you with us, for all those precious years. We enjoy each one of you and the adults you have become. The son in-law and daughter in law that have joined our family and The special blessings of the twins. Looking forward to many more Blessings from you all in the future to come. Gigi