March 09, 2011

Happy Birthday, Ryan!

My Little Man,
2 years already?! Where did the time go? I remember the first time I saw you. You had just been born and you were blinking, so surprised. Trying to take in the world around you. You seemed amazed by what you saw. You are still the same. "Oh, wow!" and "Cool!" are your two favorite phrases, and I love seeing the world - fresh and exciting - through your eyes.


Cars. All day long I hear "Cool car!" You recently got some cars to play with and you would spend your whole day with them I think. You love to see cars driving by, and get in the car to go somewhere. You said that someday you will drive a cool car and take me for rides. I will hold you to that :)

Crackers. The first word out of your mouth almost every morning is "Cracker?" I might get a "Hi, mama!" but "cracker" will always follow quickly behind. You are a cracker connoisseur. You always have in mind what type of cracker you are craving at the moment, and staunchly reject any cracker that does not fit the mood. Thank goodness you now say "uh-huh" and "no" so I have a better idea of what cracker you want!

Bumble. The caterpillar that crawls out at the beginning of the Baby Einstein movies. You see him for 10 seconds, but you love him. You pray for Bumble every night. We have started collecting caterpillar things - a koosh caterpillar, a stuffed caterpillar, and caterpillar rhythm shaker. If it looks like Bumble, you love it. You've pulled your sister into this obsession as well!

Peas! This one cracks me up. You ask for peas at every meal. You beg for peas. I sometimes cannot get you to eat until I promise you peas! I've never met a kid who truly loves peas as much as you!

Animals. You, like your sister, LOVE animals and making animal noises. You get so excited to see a bird outside or a dog walk by. I cannot wait to take you to the zoo this summer because I know you will enjoy it even more!

You CAN:

Communicate! So well. Your sister loves letters and numbers and vocabulary, but you love conversation. You very quickly learned what you needed to say to get your point across and help us understand what you want. Thank goodness! I love being able to tell what you want, and communicate to you why you cannot have something (if that is the case), and have you understand as well! You are a conversationalist!

Run! You love to run. Your favorite game is running back and forth in the basement touching the walls. In high school, we hated this type of sprint, but you do dozens a day and think it is the best! You jump and climb, but you love to run.

Conduct! You love music. You are very into pianos, and like listening to music. But the best thing is that you enjoy conducting. You will hear music and you will lift your hands and sway them to the beat. You hate getting ready for bed at night, but I have started getting you to willingly comply by giving you a "conducting wand." I sing as you conduct - getting faster and slower or stopping depending on what you do. You think this is the most fun game, and you are actually quite good!

You ARE:

Jolly. I've said it since you were a baby - you have the jolliest laugh of anyone I've ever heard. It is so infectious. We can be other places and I will hear strangers say, "that little boy has the best laugh I've ever heard!" I think this is why your sister loves to make you laugh. And sometimes, if it has been to quiet for a while, I have seen you look around and then start laughing. I know you are laughing at nothing, but pretty soon I will be laughing and your sister will be laughing, and anyone else around will be laughing. You just like to spread laughter.

Focused. A good quality, to be sure. But currently it is this trait that ends in the most temper tantrums. When your mind is set on something, nothing else will satisfy. You become one-minded - throwing all your energy into that need/desire. Unfortunately, half the time I have no clue what that need/desire is! Daily, your ability to communicate increases, and this is getting better. But we also work daily to positively channel your focus.

Enthusiastic. When you get excited about something, you get so excited! You jump and scream and clap your hands! It can be something as simple as putting on your shoes or as big as having someone come to visit. seeing animals, hearing a favorite song, seeing a favorite toy you haven't seen in a while, discovering something new and "cool" - all these can cause the greatest of excitement. Your enthusiasm is contagious and it often gets your sister and I excited about even the smallest of events in our day.

You brighten every moment of the day. I can barely remember my life before you, but know it would not be near as great without you. We love you so much!

Happy Birthday, Ryan!

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful, fun account of Ryan's first two years of being in your life, Kim!! I am always blessed how you appreciate all these things about the little boy that God chose to come into this world via your body. God is so proud of him and you see this so well! Keep enjoying!! Grandma