March 09, 2011

Happy Birthday, Allie!

My sweet Peanut,

I cannot believe you are already 2. There are moments when you act so much older (like when your brother is crying and you comfort him by gently stroking his head and saying, "Es okay, Buggy. Es okay." (translation: It's okay, Buddy). Or when you effortlessly identify every number, count to 10, and sing your ABC's. You frequently seem so old. But then, every now and then I catch a glimpse of my little baby. Usually when you wake up at night (which happens almost nightly) and just want to snuggle. You nestle in my arms, and I look down at your peaceful face, and, aside from being framed in tons of curls, it hasn't changed much since the very first night I held you.


Letters & numbers, but especially the letter W and the number 8. Your eagle eye can spot these anywhere, and when counting or saying the alphabet you get to these as quickly as you can and shout them louder than any other.

Trucks. Big trucks, pickup trucks, semi trucks, delivery trucks, dump trucks. You can spot any truck in a book, movie, toy, or on the road. People are frequently amazed at how you distinguish between various types of truck. Boats have been recently added to your list of transportation that fascinates you and Papa & Gigi were shocked when he drew a picture and you told him it was a sailboat - not just a boat :)

Animals. You are obsessed with animals and animal sounds. This is one of the cutest things you do, and I LOVE teaching you new animal sounds and hearing you imitate them.

Singing. All of the sudden you have started singing along when I sing, and I frequently overhear you singing songs that you know (ABC's, Old MacDonald, The Doxology).

Dressing Up and Accessorizing. You love hats, bracelets, necklaces, scarfs, gloves, anything and everything accessory related or pretty. You turn EVERYTHING into an accessory, and I love seeing your creativity play out daily in this way.

Your Brother. You call him "Buggy" instead of "Buddy." I think it is adorable. You don't hesitate to steal toys from him when you want them, and you occasionally pest until he can't stand it anymore. But you love him so much. You comfort him when he is sad, entertain him when he is bored (you will do anything to make him laugh), give him a toy when he has none (provided it isn't a toy you want more), and hug and kiss him whenever he wants (or whenever Mama wants because it is so cute!). I love seeing how much you love him.

You Can:

JUMP! You are a little jumping bean. Ever since we bought the trampoline you jump like every surface is bouncy! You get incredible height and I am so amazed!

TALK! We have conversations now! I am consistently amazed at the sentences that come out of your mouth.

RUN! I would be shocked if you are not a runner when you get older. You run everywhere. You love to run! And you are fast!

You Are:

Stubborn. My dear one I think you got both of your Dad and my stubbornness combined into an uber-stubborn package. I know this has the potential to be an incredible asset someday, but it currently results in many tantrums. Girl, you can throw a tantrum! We work daily on channeling this in a more positive manner

Sweet. You love to give hugs and kisses. You frequently make Daddy and my day by starting it giving us good morning hugs and kisses. You work to make sure everything is fair. If we or brother say we are going to see Nana, you are the one who adds "and Poppy." or Let's call Papa "and Gigi." You try not to leave anyone out. You always want to be a good helper. You are the first to try to comfort someone who is upset (especially your brother). Your sweet spirit shines through every day.

Silly. You love to entertain and will do the silliest things to make the people around you (especially your brother) laugh. One of your favorites is to stop suddenly, jump up, and fall down on your bum. You think this is hilarious. You also have a great sense of humor. We love how often you laugh and the crazy things that make you laugh each day.

You are an absolute joy. Every minute (even during the tantrums) is a blessing. Your antics and laughter add so much to each day. We love you so much!
Happy Birthday, Allie!


Anonymous said...

How very, very blessed that God chose to send you two babies and even better, a boy and a girl. It doesn't get much better than that and Allie is all girl in sweetness and looks, but she also is nobody's push over! She is a nurturing one that delights in other's joy. She is also a challenge, but her Mom is up to the challenge! Life is good, Grandma

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful job on your tribute to the twins on their 2nd birthday. It is so true everything...I thought of Ryan pinching my cheeks and scratching my face the other day when he was so excited...the pain was gone so fast because the excitement of him was too precious, and Allie just knows how to charm your heart in so many little slow ways. They are such a blessing and I can't remember life without them either. I probably don't want to. Thanks for the blog, Great Job!! Luv it! Nana