February 28, 2011

Fun with Nana & Poppy

In the interest of keeping up, I wanted to post a few pictures (courtesy of Nana & Poppy's camera) from our trip to visit Nana & Poppy. One of the things Poppy does, that is loved by ALL of the grand kids, is "The Swing." Ryan and Allie were no exception. Look at those smiles!
As you can imagine, this (and the various other rides given during our visit) tired Poppy out. But, Ryan asks a very sweet "pweeeeees?" (the grandparents admit they cannot resist them when they say this word).
And Poppy is back in business and taking them to new heights!

Our weekend was filled with a lot of other great things (like our fabulous trip to the library where Allie hopped around their rug on all fours calling out all the letters and numbers and the reading tub - a literal bathtub filled with cushions - in which Ryan was content to sit forever)...that we didn't catch on camera. But one of the most fun events of the weekend - that we DID capture - was the invention of Twinner Ball.
As you can see, each grandparent holds a twin and uses their feet to catch and throw a ball. I think you can tell by the smiles that this fantastic game, while tiring, was a blast!
Sadly, our trip didn't include any sledding or snowmobiling (for the grown-ups)...because there wasn't enough snow! Definitely NOT common for Northern Michigan this time of the year. Oh, well. We still had plenty of fun :)


Kelsey said...

I love seeing your babies so happy!!! Yay for grandparents! They are the best! :)

Anonymous said...

Look like they had a good time up North. Poppy and Nana too. Glad u didn't have them sick. Good to see them Happy and Healthy. See you soon, with love, Gigi