June 30, 2009

At the Beach

We are on our first family vacation! Every year we have been vacationing with our friends from seminary (this is our 5th year!), and this year is no exception. So we packed up (a much bigger task than it used to be), loaded the twins in the van, and took our first trip! The twins did amazingly well on the 4 hr. car ride (we stopped in the middle for everyone to eat). There was only one crying spell, and it lasted for about 2 minutes! What a blessing!
We have been enjoying the last few days at a beautiful beach house thanks to the generosity of some friends of our friends. It is right on the Long Island Sound, and we literally walk off the patio onto the beach!

The twins have been enjoying many firsts: The first time they put their feet in the sand (initially an accident, but they seemed into it so we let it go...until daddy wasn't paying attention to Allie and she also got her hands in the sand and then in her mouth!), the first time they played in a pool (click on the title "At The Beach" to view the video on YouTube), the first time they have worn their adorable swimsuits and sunglasses (because it's been cold and rainy every day since we got them), and (drumroll please) the first easy bedtime nights!!!

I don't know if it's all the fresh air, the exhaustion from trying to keep up with our friends 4 yr & 18 mon. olds, or that we're turning over a new leaf, but bedtime has been relatively easy every night! They have been fussing after I put them down, but for 15-20 minutes max!! Naptimes have been similarly easy! It has been really wonderful, and I'm trying to figure out how to make sure it keeps going once we get home!

Our vacation ends soon, and we will begin the sad trip home, but once we get there Aunt Loralee and soon-to-be uncle Grant are coming to visit! So more adventures await!

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the monkey's mama said...

ahhh so sweet! we're looking at tickets and want to know what month is good for you guys! i'm desperate to see those babies!!!!