March 06, 2009

These Hospital Booties were made for Walkin'

This morning, a monumental event occurred...I was cleared to walk around as much as I want and to sit in a chair as much as I want!!! I cannot tell you how exciting this is!

After being on bedrest (the bathroom and my daily shower being the only time I was allowed up for 7 weeks, it feels so good to be able to be up and about (well, actually I got tired really quickly, but I'm resting up for my next venture out!). This morning, pretty much immediately after the doctor cleared me to be up and around, Lucas and I took a walk to the nursery to look at the babies and around my floor. It felt so strange to actually walk around the place where I had been living for 2 1/2 weeks. All I've seen is my room (with the exception of my weekly trip to get an ultrasound)! Now I've explored the rest of the floor!

The best part of this news...I've beencleared to get up and walk around with the understanding (and hope on my part) that this will get things moving. We are essentially 34 weeks now, and the babies are safe to come whenever (and I think the dr. is startingto sense the exhaustion of my discomfort). Yay!

So if you call, and I don't answer, it could be because I'm out and about enjoying a walk!!

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