March 03, 2009

My favorite things

After the last post I started to feel badly. I mean, I made it sound like everything is so miserable when really, up until recently I LOVED being pregnant. And even now, I'm sure that if I really look at the day there are more moments that I love than those that make me want to throw in the towel. So, I wanted to go on the record with some of my favorite things about being pregnant:

1) Until recently - getting bigger. There is just something magical about seeing a stomach grow and know that there is a baby in there. A human life is growing unseen. The ever enlargening bump is a little person (or in my case persons) that you will eventually meet. It really is incredible. Even now - when it is incredibly uncomfortable, I can't help but think about what a miracle it is that there are babies in there!

2) Weight loss commercials - I know this will probably sound crazy, but I LOVE watching the weight loss program commercials, meal program commercials, diet pill commercials and exercise shows because I not only don't need them, but cannot even try them! There is something so freeing about being the largest I have ever been in my life and still being able to watch those commercials guilt free! However, I know the time is quickly approaching when that will no longer be the case...

3) Hearing their heartbeats. I know anyone who has ever had a baby will say there is something so incredible about hearing the heartbeat. I will say there is something magical about the first time, but I love every time I hear the clip clop of their heartbeats. I am also spoiled because, in the hospital, I get to hear their heartbeats at least 3 times a day, and one of those times on the monitor (which means I hear it for 30-60 minutes!). Everyone expects it to get old, but it never does!

4) Ultrasounds. I know I've mentioned it before, but I love peeking into that private little world, seeing what I normally only feel, watching the little people I will someday meet. I actually was worried at one point that I might have the babies before our next ultrasound and miss out on seeing them and Lucas pointed out that if they were born we would actually SEE them. While that point had escaped my hormonal brain, I was still a little said that there would be no more ultrasounds...

5) This is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE - feeling them move. Perhaps it is because they are not yet big enough to deliver a really strong kick to my ribs, but I LOVE feeling them move. I love the kicks and the punches and the barrel rolls (at least that's what it feels like). I love feeling when they have the hiccups and their little reflexive movements when I know they are sleeping. I especially love when they both get going and do their "popcorn" impressions and my whole stomach moves. I will miss this the most.

So, there really are a lot of things I love, and will miss,about being pregnant. And while I definitely have my "That's it, I'm done!" moments, it is all totally worth it.

One quick update - last week the babies picked the final 4 for American Idol! They moved for the 3 who made it through AND Nick/Norman who was the last one standing who didn't make it through. This is further proof to me that they have good taste! We'll see how they do tonight!!


Lauren and Jeff said...

Kim, you are so right. You will miss feeling them move inside you the most. I still miss that feeling!

Anonymous said...

Kim, thank the babies for keeping us up-dated on American Idol. We miss the Tuesday night show because of Bible Study. We watch Wednesday but it isn't the same as watching them sing. Today is March 4th and would be a good day to make me a Nana...only because I picked that date. If they want to stay in longer I'm ok with that also. You are doing great Kim and Lucas...and the excitement is only beginning. And that Grandma Ryan what a trooper...driving alone in Boston. She is my Hero!! Denise

the McGee family said...

I keep checking to see if you have popped those babies out... not yet?! Well, hang in there. I can't speak for life with twins, but once Sam came out, the times I did sleep were SO MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE, that I didn't feel the sleep deprivation. That was at the beginning. Now I am tired all the time :-)
And reading your post made me miss (just the tiniest bit) those pregnant times... feeling him move, watching him move, etc. But now I hear him cooing in the bedroom (so much for a nap) and am grateful that he is a part of this world now. It's pretty amazing!

Kristen (Childs) McGee

karen said...

#3, #4, and #5 were my ultimate favorites, too!!! I enjoyed every minute of it, because 'normal' pregnancies don't allow you all the extras and I miss it, so much!! lol :)