January 11, 2007

Springing in January!

January 6, 2007. South Hamilton, MA. My friends Mike (pictured) and Bill (not pictured) and myself are throwing the football and Frisbee on our campus in T-shirts and shorts. Jan 6!!! It felt like the first day of Spring because so many people were out and about jogging, playing with kids, babies in carriages, kids on bikes, etc. It actually hit 70 degrees, so it's not like we put on shorts to be cool b/c it is Jan. It literally was too warm to wear jeans. The avg temp for Jan 7 here is 33 degrees so we were 37 degrees above avg, which as you might guess was a record. The cold has set in now and I am sad. But what a day it was on Saturday!
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Tirzah Joy Alverson said...

I'm with you Lucas. I was wearing sandals and a t-shirt on Saturday and it was a beatiful weekend for being outside. Hooray for sun in January!

Dad and Mom Miller said...

For those of you that may know Dan and Denise Miller, this is to let you know that our blog site is up and running. Thanks to Luke for helping to set it up. The address upnorthmillers.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim and Lucas. Isn't it a joy when the weather is so beautiful. Some people say "yeah, but just wait until next week!!!" Why ruin the beauty of the day with dread of something that is not here!! Just get out and relish it, which you sure did. Every day has its joy! Life is good. Hope you got the photos, Kim. You were with us all in heart. 2007 blessings upon you both as new doors open. Love and prayers, NE Grandma and Grandpa