October 20, 2006

Hillsdale Homecoming Part 1

Thursday Oct 5, 4:15 pm: Exegesis of Romans ends. Time to hop into the car to pick-up wife from work. No time to go back to apt. Wish I would have slept more last night .

5:00 pm: Got wife.

6:30 pm: Depart from Joel and Allie's apt in Cambridge, MA. Car is gassed, stomach is full, and hopes are high.

8:20 pm: Driving through western MA. Found clear signal for Mets-Dodgers game. Joel happy.

11:30 pm: Mets win. Joel even happier.

12:00 am: Enjoying compilation Backpage Compendium. Reliving glory days.

2:00 am: Start my second driving shift. Just downed some funky cappuccino.

4:00 am: On yellow

4:20 am: On orange, but pass reststop.

4:40 am: On five alarm red. Cursing myself for passing reststop. Cursing Cleveland for not having more gas stations.

5:00 am: Squirming, barely able to walk from car to bathroom.

5:03 am: Sweet relief.

6:00 am: Unable to sleep from funky cappuccino.

7:30 am: Arrive at Hillsdale


MM said...


Did you exclaim something like "Ohio has TOO MANY ROADS!!!"?

ldmiller said...

Still Ohio's road system is vastly superior to Virginia where roads marked North are more likely going East or West (and sometimes even South).

Mom in MI GO TIGERS! said...

Lucas....part 2 has got to be more interesting...you are just like your mother, pressing your luck with rest stops and gas stations. GO TIGERS!!!!!!! luv, mom in mi

MM said...

LDM, waiting with baited breath here for installment number 2... this is killing me...

BillG said...

Ahh, relief. It's not spelled R-O-L-A-I-D-S, but rather,