August 29, 2006

A Big Surprise

Wednesday was a really rough day. It was the first day without my friends (Josh, Kim, & Laura Jane). I had a busy day at work and was prepared to come home to another depressing night with no neighbors to visit. But my husband, who is pretty much the best husband in the world, had other plans. He surprised me by bringing my Stina (Christina Martinez, my college roommate) to visit. When I saw her standing there I was so surprised that I actually was convinced it couldn't possibly be her and was trying to figure out who I knew that looked so much like my friend. But it was her and I got 5 wonderful days to hang out, catch up, and do the touristy thing (which, not being from New England, is pretty exciting for us). The highlight was when we went on the Whale Watch. It was a cold, cloudy, windy, rainy day, but Christina and I enjoyed being on the water so much that we outlasted all of the little kids out on the front deck of the boat (an amazing feat - they were pretty determined!). We saw a lot of whales (they told us it was an exceptional trip) and they did a lot of breaching (jumping out of the water) and fin and tail slapping - and all of it really close to the boat! It was very exciting (although we were soaking wet and very cold when it was over). We also went into Boston and saw "Threadbare Productions presents the Compleat works of Shkspr the abridged version" in Boston Commons. It was basically 4 college students doing a farcical rendition of Shakespeare's plays and they managed to mention each one (and threw in a few sonnets). It was quite funny, and as an English major I thouroughly enjoyed it. Another highlight was when Christina took us to meet her friends who manage a local Chick-Fil-A and we got free food! Other than that I enjoyed girl time with my friend, watching a LOT of episodes of Friends, and reminiscing about the good old days in the Dale. It was a wonderful surprise. If any of you wives would like to submit arguments about your husband being the best in the world, feel free. But, keep in mind that mine flew in my friend.


Allie said...

Aww Kim that is really sweet!

I'm glad that flying in friends qualifies your husband as being the best husband in the world. Let me tell you a little story:

A long time ago, in a far off place (namely, Cambridge, England), a little girl worked 60 hour weeks at two different jobs to support her student husband. Their land was a foreign land and their lives were meager, but still full of love and fun. Despite finding a constant companion in her husband, this girl had no other true friends--how could she when she worked so much?

Her husband saw that his usually charismatic and happy-go-lucky girl was slowly losing the spark in her eyes. He thought to himself, "How can I perk up my wife's spirits?" Within an instant he thought of his wife's best childhood friend and her twin. "What better way to make her happy and feel loved?" he thought.

So, he schemed and he planned. He organized and he conspired. This thoughtful man contacted her two separate bosses and requested time off for her. He even asked each manager to post a schedule that reflected her on it so she would not ask why she was not listed as working the next week. He worried that his lonely wife might catch on to his elaborate plan—but on the day of her twin and her best friend’s arrival, he knew she had no idea because she didn’t clean their house!

At the end of her shift that day, she came out of the back office and her manager asked her to come around the corner and sit for a spot of tea. Still gregarious, she took foooorever to make it around that corner—she had to say goodnight to everyone and give them last minute instructions. Finally, she rounded the corner and nearly jumped out of her skin. There, next to her manager and her incredible husband, sat her two good friends from the States. She, who always prided herself on knowing all of her husband’s surprises before they could be surprises, had never been so shocked or, for that matter, surprised in her life.

She came to find out that her husband had secured a four and a half day holiday for her from work. Not only that, but he had instructed her friends to bring her all of her favorite food and products from the States that she had been pining for. It was a wonderful time of fellowship and memories and something that definitely qualifies this wonderful man as THE BEST husband the world over. What do you think?

Mom Denise said...

Kim...what a nice surprise!! I bet you needed that visit. Well, your father-in-law and I tried to come up with something to make him a better husband but all we came up with is.....Piston Playoff tickets and lotioning my feet all the time. What do you think? Does that put him in the same category as Lucas????? Glad you and Christina had time together especially at such a low and sad time in your life. Love you ...MOM MILLER

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim,

That is so amazingly sweet! He is so thoughtful. It is so good to reconnect with people, and I'm glad you had a great visit.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Dad and I were just waiting for your surprise to happen since Lucas had shared it back in June when we were there. I do agree you have a wonderful husband but then Dad did said yes he could marry our one and only Daughter. But as you know I am very happy with my pick as a husband and love being spoiled by him. Like meals prepared for me because I work or am to tired to even shop for the food, so he goes to the walmart on his way home from work and gets what we need and the list goes on. Maybe now that Lucas did this for you. Dad will surprise me sometime and fly you home to just spend time with your mom who missing you even more than she can express. love you, mom

ldmiller said...

Allie, I have to admit you've made a good argument for your husband being the best in the world (Denise too). BUT I would be the worst wife in the world if I ever conceeded that my husband was not the best. I like hearing all the nice things that husbands do. All day long at work I hear everyone complain about their husbands (or ex-husbands) and it makes me so sad.

Anonymous said...

Kim and Lucas, what a wonderful blessing! You pulled it off good, Lucas. That is young love. So true and precious. You created a gift you both will long remember and treasure always. Grandpa and I are in the wonderful 'growing older' together years. The snuggly side by side years. Never a day goes by when we don't say 'how good this is', often many times a day. Love is good! God's blessings upon you both, Nebraska G and G

Becca said...

It makes me smile to read this!

stina said...

I MADE THE MILLER BLOG - PICTURE AND ALL! = ) I am so proud! ha! I have to say "hats off" to all those that knew about the surprise and kept it a secret - definitely made it more fun for me and lucas. = ) I had such a blast with you guys and I love ya both!