August 18, 2006

30 Faces for 30 Years

Saturday, August 19 2006 Anthony L. Becket will turn 30! I invite all who know him to leave a comment for him at the end of this post or to go to his blog,, and leave him a happy birthday message. Also, I invite you to select your favorite picture by indicating its number and leave a witty caption in the comments section. Happy Birthday Tony!






























And one to grow on... #31


Allie said...

Awesome, Lucas! Happy Birthday, Tony! I'll choose my fave pic soon...i just wanted to beat Joel to a post :)

Michael Bauman said...

Great pics, Lucas, but couldn't you find a prettier model? That complaint aside, it's good to know Tony B. is reaching another milestone. I'm glad to hear it. Happy birthday, Beckett!
God bless you,

Mom Miller said...

Seriously....after much confusion and laughter I decided #14 is the real Tony I know, but.... the red head with the guitar was very hot & I finally made my has to be #24!! I really would like to know what was going on in that picture. Did you have to go??? Anyway Tony this was a great idea and alot of work by LUCAS but remember he is turning 30 real soon. H A P P Y 30th B I R T H D A Y Tony!! Love ya Mom Miller

BillG said...

Happy Birthday, Tone-loc! As a birthday present, I give you my shirt, which you're already wearing in shot # 27!!!!!!!

Have a great birthday, and when Burns shows up at your party, unannounced, offer him a piece of cake--it's the right thing to do.

MM said...

Tony Tony Tony, you are so loved. Happy Birthday, Happy year, happy decade, and thanks for representing Jesus alive and well to so many, and to me so often.

I vote for pics #6 and #18 because a) I was there, b) I took them and c) Tony was in fine form. ... Easter dinner at the Kappa house, with banned banned booze, and (teary, traumatic) graduation... Hayy daze.

Hugs to you, friend.

stina said...

ha! these are two funny! happy birthday to my wedding partner (what do you call the people you walk down the aisle with anyway?)

Hack said...

Lucas, that is one of the best things anyone has ever done for me. I am once again reminded how fortunate I am that I put our ultimate frisbee differences aside. I got lots of emails from people I haven't heard from in ages. It's especially meaningful since I am in Japan away from so many good friends. Thank you, brother.

sarumi said...

Happy Birthday again, Tony! #12 kanari otokomae nanjakedo... This is a nice present! You have a great friend!!

Bryce said...

Hey Tony,
Happy B-Day man.

I gotta go with #3. "what does this button do?" he says as he presses the button on the world destroying bomb type thinging left innocently on his kitchen table.

Hey wish you the best, and you've got a heck of a friend to put this together for you, and on time even.

Kwin said...

I HAVE to go with #1 -- it's the one in my HC Friends collage, and it's how I've always imagined you ending up: in spectacles with a pipe, quoting something profound and flamboyant (well, maybe you weren't actually quoting anything at the time, but those are the two adjectives that I associate with you :-D). You're an amazing person, and I can only hope to inspire enough devotion in my own friends to motivate such a tribute ;-) Thanks for your friendship over the many years and miles.

Anonymous said...

Thirty, enjoy! I vote #20 thats the only time I was around you. Since you left a lasting impression with hanging in there with a sore leg. Nic was the best man this summer for a friend and ended up in the ER afterwards, two shots, and back to ER next night with IV treatments for two more days due to and infection in his leg. but he didn't want to let the groom down so he hung in till the end then quietly said mom I need a Dr. made me remember you. The NE. mom

Wild Line said...

Alas Tony... I hardly knew ye. Well Happy Very Late Birthday from a ghost from the 3rd street, Denny's and Klondike miss you. Take care of yourself and we shall meet again in a place where there is no darkness.
The Heppner - Pacific Experience.