June 16, 2006

Fishing Trip

As you can tell, I had a great time on our fishing trip (the one I mentioned two posts ago). I caught the biggest fish of the day, a 42", 27 lb striper (striped bass). Josh told me that this fish alone will easily provide eight servings. We are going to grill it on Monday while Kim's parents are here. Everybody on the trip caught one striper. The boys can fight. It took me about ten minutes to reel mine in and my arms are feeling it today. But, what a great experience and a fun time we had yesterday. We were out there from 6:30 am until 2 pm. I believe that Josh and I did a much better job than our fishing adventure last year when our wives outfished us with Huck Finn poles (http://mindyourmillers.blogspot.com/2005/08/fish-story.html) Here are some other pictures of the trip below.


Jschellhammer said...

Nice bass!

maggen said...

WOW. now, while i got kick out of the huck finn story last summer.... that is one HUGE fish in the picture with you. wow. kudos. wow. and kudos again :o)

aunt flower lady said...

WOW, I'm jealous. We go fishing all the time I'd like to catch something like that. I caught a sting ray 4ft. in Maryland two summers ago, that was a fight also. Fishing is fun even when you allergic to fish.
Looks like you had a great time. Let us know how it tasted.
Have a great day,
Love ya, Aunt darleen

Mom In RC said...

Luke .... wow... I can't imagine hauling that thing out of the water. It must have been a fun time. I'll show it to grandpa when he comes over again or at Aunt Darleens. Catch of the Day! Maybe Year!! Is that super big for that type of fish or can they be bigger? Glad you put it on here so we could see it. Luv MOM MILLER

stina said...

geez! the bass I caught last summer was a teeny, teeny thing. that is huge! nice job - very impressed = )

BillG said...

Ya gotta love the fact that you caught a fish that is longer and heavier than my four-month old baby.

Nice work!