April 04, 2006

Tourney Troubles

For most of us, the NCAA tournament ended a long time ago, at least as far as our brackets are concerned. By far this was my worst year. Out of the 65 people in my tournament group, "Where's Grandma?" I beat only 4 people and one of them was an infant. Congratulations go out to Rev. Matt Schramm who won our pool by 40 points and beat 97.9% of the 3 million entries at ESPN.com. The frustrating thing about this horrific showing on my part is that it will affect how I choose next year. I will remember which teams let me down (You know who you are Iowa and Pitt!) and will punish them with 1st or 2nd round losses when I fill out my 2007 brackets. Can't wait for Selection Sunday '07!


Jschellhammer said...

Darest I mention NW State? Yes, yes I do.

Anonymous said...

you laughed at my first round... deservedly so, as I took about 5 minutes to complete my bracket after choosing my final 4... but it pays off in the end! Oh, wait, this pool doesn't pay anything... umm... so... well, Dana was proud of me anyway. peace, bros.
matt s