February 08, 2006

Do the Florida Shuffle!

I know we got back from Florida two weeks ago but I just have not been inspired to post. But I have read the demands for the new post so here I write. We had a terrific time with her Grandparents down in the Florida sun and are convinced that God must be calling us to a warm weather climate to minister in the future. We played plenty of cards and dominos but had the most fun playing shuffleboard on their professional courts. We went to a Breakfast club where most of the residents of this retirement community met for coffee and doughnuts. I'm pretty sure we were the youngest people there by 30 years easy. We also got to hang out with Kim's aunt Cindy who drove up from Naples to Sarasota to see us. When we were out and about, her grandparents had a handicap parking permit, which was great, except that we were in Florida, so all the handicap spots were taken most of the time. We ate out quite a bit and had two very good homecooked meals at two different Amish restaurants. Her grandparents treated us like royalty and helped us enjoy a great weekend away from work and school, which we are now back in full swing. I'm looking forward to my reading week in 10 days.


Becca said...

BUT did you go to Anna Marie Island and get waffles at the beach?

Anonymous said...

I am jealous, It makes me miss my mom and Dad seeing them in the pictures. Also you two, Plus cinda haven't seen her in a few years now. I wish so much I could have been there too. I am not that good at shuffle board but can be a bit of competion if pushed and like everyone else don't like to loose all the time. try 40 years or more younger cause I am in the around 30. Mom Ryan

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim and Lucas, Good to 'see' you! The photos were great. I felt like I was right there watching. Isn't it too bad that the fun vacation time goes by so fast and then it's back to the real world again? But you have the joy of good memories and it appears that you stacked up a bunch of them!

Anyone who reads this please spread around some prayer power for Kim's uncle, Jon, who is preparing for a 2nd stem cell transplant. Jon counts on, and draws on prayer and thanks you as do we, NE Grandma and Grandpa

aunt flower lady said...

Hi there, Grandma was just asking me today if I had heard from you lately. I told her that there had been no new blogs lately. Glad to hear you had fun in the sun. I will share this with her next time she is out. We will celebrate Grandpa's 81st birthday tomorrow night with you folks and Uncle Dale and Aunt Deb. Wish you could join us.
Take care and study hard, Hi to Kim also.
Love aunt darleen

Anonymous said...

Florida in the Winter!! Sounds so soothing. Wish I was there with you two. Can't wait to see you guys at Logan's graduation. I miss you both so so much. Big night out tonight with the Pietsch's and then to a Huron BB game. We won! It isn't the same as it used to be. Well get the shovel out and snuggle in for a winter blizzard. Oh a blizzard from DQ now that sounds good. XO mom in MI GO PISTONS!!!

Piko said...

Hi guys!

I hope all is going well!

Any favorites on American Idol yet?

Talk to you later!