August 27, 2013

Lightning McQueen's Race Track

Since Papa & Gigi were in town for race weekend, we figured we would take them over to the Speedway.  We walked around the different tents.
Driving the giant lawn mowers in the New Holland tent.

 We got the wristbands for the bounce places.  The kids had a BLAST bouncing and sliding.

We stopped at the Chevy tent and the next thing we knew, the kids were getting their picture taken next to a race car!
 And then Lucas and I joined them.  You can't help but get sucked in.  We also filled out some form for free t-shirts...
Originally, our plan was to just walk around and do the bouncy castles and then head home...but we found noise canceling reducing headphones for the kids and ended up decided to try watching the timed trials again.  We got some lunch and waited for the race cars to be ready, and then we headed into the grandstand.
The cars lining up.  The third car from the left was #95...and red...Ryan was pretty excited and we made a point of keeping track of that car!
The kids did MUCH better with the special headphones than they did last year with just earplugs.  I think next year, if we do it again, we will put ear plugs in under the headphones to really make it noise cancelling.  But they worked well enough for the kids to stick it out through about half of the time trials.
 So Intent.
Later that night, I was talking with Ryan about how cool it was that we got to see Lightning McQueen race.  He looked at me funny and said, "Mom, that wasn't Lightning."  "Yes, it was!" I responded, "Didn't you see number 95?  It was red!  That was Lightning!"  He laughed and said, "Oh, mom!  Lightning isn't in OUR life.  That wasn't him!"  No matter how much I tried to convince him, he was confident it was just a (cool) coincidence that there was a red car with the number 95, but adamant that it was NOT Lightning McQueen.  Not because Lightning isn't real, but because he just doesn't live in our life...But we still call it Lightning McQueen's Race Track, so maybe we'll see him there another time...

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Anonymous said...

My little racer's...where is lightning McQueen?? I'm sure he was there somewhere just for RyGuy! I'm glad you got to experience the race track stuff! Hugs from NANA