July 12, 2013

Family Time

The rest of our time together was filled with various activities and adventures.

We, of course, played a lot of games.
The drawing/guessing phase of this game is always very quiet as everyone concentrates.

 But the revealing phase of this game is always filled with laughter.  Below, Nic is showing us how "Chicken Dance" turned into "Bird Song."
Another favorite was Settlers.
We liked playing "Triple Blind" with the land cards, numbers, and ports all turned over.
 Papa & Gigi humored the twins by playing dozens of games of Candyland.  Did you all know there is an updated version that is completely different from the original?
One of the days we split up.  The guys went golfing.  Originally, they were going to leave the kids with us, but I talked them into taking Ryan.  I knew he would feel so important being one of the guys and that he would have so much fun.  When Lucas told him that he was going to go golfing with the guys he said, "That is so great!  I love all of them!"
They let him collect the balls.
 Do a little caddy work.
 And even try golfing a little.
But his favorite thing was driving the cart.  He said he even liked driving more than eating the skittles they gave him during the golf outing and the ice cream he had after!
 In the meantime, the girls went out for pedicures.  One of the places nearby has special chairs for little girls.  Allie had no clue what it meant to get her nails done, but she was thrilled to be doing something special with "the girls."
She was so excited about "all the colors!"
 Trying to choose.  She was so decisive that I let her pick my color...and then she picked colors for everyone in the family - including the golfing guys...
Aunt Ariel picked a Shrek Green - which was not only a really fun pick, but looked really great when it was finished!
 Allie was pretty excited about getting to sit in her very own pink butterfly chair.
(or, as she excitedly, and loudly, announced when we arrived, "They have pink butterfly toilets!")
 For as young as she is, Allie did really well for the pedicure - especially since they did a leg massage and warm towels and the works.  I have never seen her sit so still for anything!

Among the other events of our time together (which I must have forgotten to document in pictures), we made a point of taking some family photos.  
A test shot of Ariel and her favorite pass-time.
 Our family.
2 generations.
 3 generations.
 4 generations!
I suppose I can't speak for anyone else, but we had such a great time together!  Presents are nice, but I would definitely take this time together over presents any day!  We are already looking forward to, and thinking about, our next family get-together.

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Anonymous said...

We are glad you had fun. Time with our children and grandchildren is always the best gift of all! (Even if I lost every game of Candyland:-) Love you all, Papa & Gigi