February 07, 2013

Back to Bouncing

We were supposed to go grocery shopping.  I've been putting it off, and I finally decided it was time to just go already.  Shortly after, a friend sent me a text to let me know her daughter didn't have preschool and would we like to have a playdate....exactly during the time I was supposed to go grocery shopping.    I was so relieved for the excuse to do something fun instead!  We decided to meet at the Bouncy Castle place that the Moms' Group went to last week.  

I didn't take any pictures, but I did take a few videos with my phone.  Know what I discovered?  Even if the picture it shows me is upright, the actual video might be sideways...good to know that I have to have my camera properly oriented before I take a video.  This isn't the first time something like this has happened, and I probably shouldn't share them, but I couldn't resist (the second one at least).  My phone has minuscule memory, so the videos are short (like 10 seconds each).  So tilt your head sideways and enjoy!
Note: Their friend E is the child you see first in both of the videos.
My apologies for the moronic "Weeeee!" you will here from the videographer....
Going down the giant slide.  It is seriously so big and they fly down so fast and they have absolutely no fear.
After the second trip, I can definitely say we LOVE this place.  So much that we bought a punch card that discounts future trips - because I'm expecting many more.  They had me the moment I saw them cleaning and sanitizing the bounce castles that weren't in use!

Oh, and if you are wondering why I am putting off grocery shopping, I just don't enjoy going alone with the kids.  I kept hoping that, if I put it off, Lucas might be able to 1) go along to help or 2) watch the kids so I could go alone.   But the longer I wait the busier he gets, so I will just bite the bullet and go.  I promise I won't let my family starve!


Anonymous said...

No doubt about it, bouncy castles are way more fun than grocery shopping. Lovew you all. Papa

Anonymous said...

Yay...Bouncey House looks like way more fun than shopping. I want to go with you guys when I come to your house. Love you all Nana

Lauren and Jeff said...

Can you find another Mom who you could swap babysitting with to give you a chance to go grocery shopping by yourself? I understand why it's so hard to grocery shop with kids in tow - and I only have one kid so I can only imagine what it would be like with the twinners.