July 25, 2007

Taking a Break

So we haven't updated this in a long time. I think the main reason for me was that I was feeling like this was something I had to get done, rather than something I was excited to do. So, I decided to take a break. We are having a good summer. I have had a few opportunities to preach and am currently working on a sermon for this Sunday. Here's the essence of it:

Scripture: Gal 6:14-16

Subject: Should we place our boast in circumcision?

Compliment: No, circumcision is nothing, our boast must be in the cross of Christ through which comes new creation.

Exegetical Idea: We should not place our boast in circumcision, but in the cross of Christ through which comes new creation.

Homiletical Idea: Where your boast is, there your heart will be also.

Purpose: Listeners should understand that our efforts at attaining the fruit of the Spirit, living by the Spirit, walking in step with the Spirit, and following Paul’s rule are derived from the cross of Christ and how much of our pride, boast we place in it. Listeners should feel a sense of relief that they are not dependent on trying to produce their own fruit, but only keep the cross of Christ as their source of pride.

This is how I developed my sermons. It's based on Haddon Robinson's Exegetical Preaching Method. He was my prof at seminary and is well known as one of the best preachers in the US. Hope all are well. Come visit.


Mom in RC said...

Sounds good, wish I could be there to hear it. Do you tape these sermons??? hint and by the way where is my tape from the wedding, I sure would love to have a copy and Grandma is waiting patiently to watch it. Send it soon PLEASE LUCAS. xo
Hugs and more hugs to you both. Miss you and hope to see you in the fall. MOM in RC

Lauren & Jeff said...

Good to have you guys back in the world of blogger! I'm glad you didn't just post a bunch of junk, though, when you weren't really feelin' it.

I've got a question for you, since you're a more experienced blogger. Do you know how I can get rid of the huge empty spaces at the end of each of my blogs?????

~ Lauren

Hack said...

August is almost gone.... How are ye?

Sarah Haremza said...

Lucas, you are so smart. I couldn't pronouce half the words in the your sermon outline. I hope you and Kim are doing well. I miss seeing your Mom and Grandma. I hope to see you all soon.

Megan said...

Hey Lucas and Kim!

I always like to check your blog to keep up with what you guys are doing, but I also find that I get good spiritual things to think about too. Thanks for that! Hope the sermon goes well ... sounds like it will be a good one. Lucas, bug Billy if you get the chance . . . he has some news.
-Megan G.

Hack said...

howdy. i have returned to the blogosphere and i would like to invite you to do the same. hope u r doing well.

Hack said...

this makes three comments on one post. hmm.... 7 months??? i encourage you to take a shot at my humble goal of at least one post per month. you can do it! besides, isn't this a TWO person blog?? come on, people! ;P