February 28, 2007

Full Times 2

Who would have thought being a full-time student and working full-time would leave me with little time to blog? It's been a busy couple of weeks, but good weeks all in all. My first two days as an official associate pastor were spent cleaning my office. A humble, but necessary work. And now my office looks great, but no pictures until I get my books in there. I have a number of books to bring and am taking them over one suitcase each day. It's strange to go from 80% school/ 20% church to 80% church/ 20% school. But since I am pass/ failing two courses, I can afford to keep those numbers. I think Kim and I are enjoying the invitations into members' homes. We have some very talented and devoted members at Westgate. I'll try to be better at little post more frequently, but no promises!


KI said...

Way to keep busy, PL (I'm calling you "PL" now, because my pastor is "PB")! Hopefully things will slow down before mid-April -- it'd be great to spend some time revisiting nostalgia with my newly ordained former housemate :-) What's your schedule like the weekend before the Boston Marathon?

ldmiller said...

Looking forward to seeing you that weekend. And at the marathon. I am anticipating a gathering at somepoint with H-dale folks. So I am planning on it , but nothing set yet. Keep running.

Anonymous said...

Lucas, Your outline is powerful. I'm happy that you have 3 MONTHS to complete it! A sweet memory:in teaching about prayer to a group of 7th graders, I asked each to finish the class by writing God a letter. I was so touched by my hardest to reach boy. He started to fill one side, turned and filled the other side getting more eager as he went. When all the lines were filled he began going around every tiny border and blank spot until every speck of both sides was filled. He folded it up and put it in his pocket (as it was for God and them only) and after class came to me with a glowing face and said that was the best class he'd ever had. I LOVE when I see the Holy Spirit working in someone. God's blessings upon you and your class!! NE Grandma

ldmiller said...

Grandma Ryan,

Thanks for the encouraging story! I may use that for my class at somepoint! Great idea. Hope all is well in Friend, NE!