November 18, 2006

Hillsdale Homecoming Part 6

Mon Oct 9, 5:20 am: Always good to start a long road trip early in the morning. I wake up easily and am somewhat excited for the trip back. Another nice surprise is that Jeff (my old boss) is up to greet us and say goodbye. What a guy.

6:00 am: Pick up Joel and Allie. Say goodbye to Joel's mother and to Tony. Not quite sure how he is going to get to the airport tomorrow, but it will add to the drama and adventure, I'm sure.

9:30 am: Time for traditional McDonald's breakfast at rest stop, but we settle for Burger King. At the rest stop I realize that we missed our highway when I-80/90 split before Cleveland. But it is a minor inconvenience since the roads still parallel each other.

12:30 pm: Allie is driving after Kim drove in the morning. It is so nice to have four of us driving during this trip as opposed to the usual two of just Kim and I. Kind of a quiet trip back as we are all tired from the busy weekend.

4:30 pm: Still driving.

6:30 pm: Still driving, will we ever get there?

7:30 pm: We drop Joel and Allie off at their place in Cambridge, but we still have 45 minutes to drive home. Joel tries to give us directions back as it is very tricky getting around this area with tons of one-ways.

8:30 pm: Lost in downtown Boston. Frustrated and quick-tempered at his point. Kim and I just want to be home. So tired. And hungry. And low on gas.

9:00 pm: Finally near home. Get McDonald's and gas. Ate one of them. At this point not sure of which.

9:15 pm: Home. What a great place to be. Plop on the couch, turn on the tube and eat. What a great thing to do.

9:45 pm: Kim and I hit the bed and are asleep before we know it. Dreaming about what a great trip we had, what great friends we have and what great sleep we will have.

The End.


Hack said...

yay! i am the first to comment! it was good talking to you today. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim and Lucas,
Sounds like a great trip!! Saw so many dear ones and great times. Ah, then it's home and your own bed!! Home is good! Life is good! We throughly enjoyed our first visit with grandson Jonathan Jeffrey last week and enjoyed watching 'grandson' Miles in a ceremony earning his black belt. Very impressive. We are all proud of him. Love and prayers, G and G in Nebraska.

Mom in MI said...

Glad the Hills trip is finally concluded. I felt like I went too. 22 days and you'll be in MI again. Can't wait. Miss you so much. MOM in MI. HI TONY!!!