May 15, 2006

State of Emergency

We have had 6 straight days of rain and will continue to have rain until this weekend. Our apt. building has only one entrance/exit and that road is under a couple of feet of water cutting us off from the rest of the world. So, Kim and I are home today and maybe home tomorrow as well. Gov. Romney has declared a state of emergency for our area. We're hearing that there have been all sorts of weather records have been broken. Pictures are from our campus.


stina said...

whoa! that's really crazy! hope things work out ok and don't get worse. lucas, have your classes been cancelled? are you even taking summer classes? miss you both!

maggen said...

WOW! crazy lotsa water! it's been raining for days here too... but not with the same results. hope you enjoied your day off!

Calah said...

It was really really awesome to see you, Kim, in the 'Dale. Sorry I was so out of it. LOL :) When I ran into you outside Lane I had just spent the night writing a paper and I was soooooooo exhausted.
Hope that water dries up soon. Crazy!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Please dry up before we come to visit. I don't do well in wet weather. I quess if we have to stay in we could at least play some card games and maybe Lucas will let me win. Mom in Ne.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim and Lucas, Wow! That's as good as snow days in Nebraska!! You don't get many of those in the real world! I'm sure you enjoyed your extra days off. We are off to Brooke's graduation this weekend. It's hard to believe that the 5th grandchild is ready to head to college already!! Did you know that Jeff and Tori are getting their much wanted 4th baby? Tori is so thrilled as it's been her heart's desire. So we will number 17 sweethearts. Life is good. NE G & G.

Mom in MI said...

Where is part 2&3 from your trip? ALl those flood days I was sure it would have been done by now :)
So you guys are back to work and school. (The Real World) Well after last night (Piston's game) I just don't know about anything anymore. So So Sad...if they win Fri. I'm off to Detroit on Sunday! Go Pistons. #36 Love you both. Mom in MI we are having non stop rain also but no flooding. I want to see the SUN !!!