March 22, 2006

Old Planner

Well I was pretty much burned out from last weekend, which is prety pathetic considering all I did was watch basketball with Joel for 20 some odd hours. A lot of it was spent at a Sports Bar in Boston, which was rocking on Thursday when Boston College won in double overtime, and it was rocking on Friday, St. Patty's Day. Just like last year, I rocked the first two days holding onto first place both days, and then Free Fallin' from there on. I am off to a district conference of the EFCA church in Connecticut until Saturday. So give Kim a call if you think about it. I just got out a leather briefcase that my parents got me before I graduated from college. I used it quite a bit when I was job hunting my last semester at college. But once I got my job at admissions, I really did not have much use for it because they gave us a laptop that had its own case. Well looking inside of it I found an old planner I used that last semester. Looking through it, I didn't have much planned, but what I did have were days marked off for March Madness, slots were also filled for swing club, improv, Rays with Reist, ultimate and many appointments at the Kappa house. Those were the days!


Allie said...

Yeah, Kappa House!

okay, enough said.

Jschellhammer said...

Yeah, Improv!